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Bangladesh make best quality products and lowestprice guaranteed. Labor costs incurred in the textile industry in the lowest labor rate in Bangladesh , compare to this competitors.

Thailand                              $1.00 per hour
India                                   $0.60 per hour
Srilanka                              $0.45 per hour
China                                   $0.35 per hour
Pakistan                              $0.40 per hour
Bangladesh                         $0.25 per hour

To ensure of best quality end product that is delivered on schedule and on the price agreed upon, we have developed an Eight Step Quality Assurance Plan that we will implement with the respective manufacturer that will meet  their satisfaction and meet buyer's deadlines and scheduling.   Our Plan is as follows:


Due to the many different requests for specific made products, many of the exporters do not have a Production plan in place. As your Agent, we will develop and implement a production plan the manufacturer must follow to ensure you the best end product and on time for your marketing schedule.

As soon as we get your Purchase Order we will meet with the manufacturer and explain the required production plan and delivery schedule. To ensure that the manufacturer complies's with the production plan; wich will be monitored by us and time to time update. Buyer accordingly and also can take due course of action on time for shipment.


Prior to full production, samples will be made by the manufacturer for your inspection and approval.   We will personally inspect the samples and ensure the cutting, measurements, style & fit, workmanship-inside/outside, material, labeling, hangtag and packaging are just some of the items on the Production Plan Checklist. If you are not satisfied with the samples for any reason, your concerns and recommendations will be passed on to the manufacturer by us personally and a new sample will be provided to you at within the earliest possible timeframe. After all, time is money and money saved during production is profit when the product is sold.


Lab dips will be double checked and will be sent to you for final approval. Production will not start until you are completely satisfied with the color of the product to be made.


a) FABRIC INSPECTION - We will inspect each color and each lot of production fabric to ensure the color and  quality are stabilized prior to the first cut ( which is including lab tests - Shrinkage, Change of shade, Staining on cotton, Dry & Wet rubs and square meter weight ) .  Once you have satisfied with the samples production will  begin at once with production oversight by one of our quality controller personally.

b) INLINE -1 INSPECTION - After getting size-set approval from you, the supplier will make a sample cutting and sewing of 30 pieces and I will inspect the measurement,  workmanship and fit.  If it is meets our standard and requirements, then the supplier can proceed with further production.  If the Inline -1 inspection is not passed, then the supplier has to remake 30 pieces with necessary amendments for Revised Inline -1 Inspection.  No production will begin until you, the customer, is satisfied with the  samples.

c) INLINE-2 INSPECTION - After completing 1/3 of the quantity required, our quality assurance program will inspect the measurements and workmanship.  If any major mistakes are found, production will be stopped and the corrections will be immediately implemented into the revised production line.

d) FINAL INSPECTION - All final products must meet a final inspection in compliance with AQL-standard. If Final inspection is not passed, then the supplier will have to re-submit the consignment for Inspection after re-work.   We will pay close attention on production  and quality if any of the following conditions exist:

  • it is a new supplier
  • it is a new fabric,
  • it is a difficult style

NOTE: For each and every inspection, a written report will be given to the supplier with required advice to improve or maintain a high quality of workmanship.


Production Status and Progress Reports will be submitted twice a week.


Prior to production or the making of sample products, we will search and locate new developments of fabrics and styles from the market and forward samples to you in record time. we can even match the samples you send to me with current products or find someone to make your product for you.

Our  plan is to implement a perfect quality control and delivery schedule method in order for the buyer to receive quality goods and the goods will get to the buyer on time.

In conclusion, my Production Plan is not like that SGS or ITS, They will do only a final inspection after packing. From that inspection the buyer can only do either accept or reject the product. If the product is cancelled at the last moment it will effect the buyer's commitment to their customers and can affect the company's profit margin. With my Production Plan, this will not occur. We can control the quality from the first sample to the final product. There is no chance for a cancellation at the last moment. 


For all the above services, we charge nominal commission to cover our expenses is flexible depending upon the size and magnitude of the project. After all, it is our goal and desire to be you successful and profitable in your dealing with us and the manufacturers in Bangladesh .


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