We are Driven by the maximum of the achieving the desired quality a most competitive prices and best quality, by leveraging on all available source. Our major objective is to get the best quality and on time delivery. We value our relationship with buyers. We do our best to meet all our customers expectation and requirement also give priority doing business with Bangladesh .

 Afzalul Alam
Mobile : 0088-01711544139
MD. Jasim Uddin Riaz
(Managing Director)
Mobile : 0088-01713007739

Mizanur Rahman
Director, (Merchandising Dept.)
Mobile : 0088-01714039072
Quality Control Dept.

One Quality Assuance Manager.
Four Quality Assuance Officer.


1. Monirul Hoque(Monir)
2. Firoj Kabir Khan

One Accounts Manager.